Combat Fighting Strategies - Does Size Matter?

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Does the size of your opponent matter? Is a smaller person at a much greater disadvantage than a larger, stronger person? Are there strategies and techniques that can level the playing field and allow any size person to defeat an attacker?

It has been argued that a smaller weaker person is at a much greater disadvantage than a bigger stronger person in a one-on-one confrontation, but this isn't necessarily the case. When in a combat situation that is when a situation comes up that has you fighting for your life, it is the fighting techniques that you use that will determine a winning outcome. Standing up against a much larger point can be a very intimidating that knowing the inherent weaknesses of the human body allow you to bring down even the biggest of adversaries. When fighting in self-defense, one must remember that there are no rules.

Street fighting is a much different game than fighting in the ring or dojo. When learning combat fighting strategies for fighting moves that you use will be determined by your size, shape and ability. Remember, everyone is capable of protecting themselves and their loved ones when they have the right techniques and strategies in place. The human body is very susceptible to pressure point attack and every "body" no matter the size and no matter what position you're in will still allow you to create an offensive attack and neutralize your opponent.

The key points to remember in your fighting techniques are size does not matter, age for the most part is irrelevant, and whether you are man or woman is of no consequence. Knowing the key striking areas is very important, as well as understanding what your key fighting strategy will be given your size and strength. Learning the strategies will serve you very well. Even against the defense of weapons such as knife fighting. The main advantage will be your mindset; secondary will be a little training and thirdly is just plain common sense.

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Combat Fighting Strategies - Does Size Matter?

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This article was published on 2010/04/02